Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Frozen nuts?


Yes, frozen nuts.  Yesterday I made the 10 minute drive to the lake to check on Sparkle Plenty.  When I arrived it was clear as a bell and 38 degrees just outside of the truck.  A long walk down the dock and to the end of the marina 38 degrees it was not.  Ice covered a large portion of the boat's forward deck.  A stiff wind was blowing from the south west which probably created a wind chill of 32 or less.

It didn't take long and Bob done did froze his nuts off.  Cold fingers (damn gloves with holes in the fingers are worthless in that kind of weather).   Cold nose and everything else.

I did what was needed.  Opened up the cabin to check the dehumidifier.  Looked for cabin leaks.  Took a leak.  :)  Fired up the engine.  Usually starts with a couple of cranks.  She wasn't going to give it up that easy in that weather  After about a half dozen attempts the little engine came to life albeit rocky.   I kept it running for about 10 minutes  . . . . just enough time to warm it up and give the batteries a charge. 

Bob, the marina manager just had to talk.  Here I am freezing my nuts off and Bob walks all the way down the dock to my boat and wants to talk.  Bob tells me that he is having the remainder of his upper front teeth removed on December 22nd in preparation for false teeth.  Bob lamented that it was going to take $500 to be "put under".  That's a must, he said.  Just can't handle being awake when someone is using tools in his mouth.  That's an interesting picture  . . tools in mouth.  Hmm......crow bar anyone?

Bob thought that insurance would cover half of the 500 but wasn't sure about the other half.  Making minimum wage doesn't leave a lot left for things like anesthesia.  I slapped Bob on the back, told him that everything would be covered and that I was proud of him to be taking care of business.

Me:  When it's all said and done and you're feeling up to it, I'll be buying you a steak dinner to celebrate.

Bob:   You'd do that for me?

Me:  You bet.

Bob shakes my hand and gives me a big hug.  It was truly a Bob moment.  

What Bob doesn't know - at least not yet -  that I'll be covering anything his insurance doesn't to make certain that he goes ahead with this procedure.  And why not?  It's the season to give until it hurts.  Don't you know?


La Roo said...

Bob, you're a good man. Damn dude you totally just made me well up. Tis the season friend.

DNA said...

Did you happen to see The Blind Side? If you haven't please do so. You will love it. PS. Good for you. :D

Bob said...

Laroo: Yes it is and also the season to tear up!

DNA: I'll check it out. Thanks.

Max said...

Give till it hurts? Well, Dad, I am going to need a car when I return to the states next month.

...I'm only joking!

Bob said...

Max: Get hooked on meth, lose all of your teeth and then let's talk. :)

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