Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cold is not the word.  Freezing!  It's been under 20 every morning this week. For some under 20 is a heat wave.  For those living in sunny California under 20 is colder than a tiches wit!  It's close to the winter equinox what the hell do I expect?  Now all we need is rain to fill the lakes and make the farmers happy.  At this time of year our neck of the woods should have well over 10 inches of rain.  We've only gotten 4 inches.  What I hate about that it is likely we'll get 40 days and 40 nights of it - - - non-stop.  It's nice to have a little rain now with sunshine inbetween.   Looks like that is not happening this year.

With the cold weather we've had the wood stove brightly burning every day with a little supplemental heat from the forced air system.  Wifey heads off to the gym each morning by 5:30 and I head to the wood pile to gather enough to kindle a burn in the stove.   Nice routine unless you love lard assing in bed all morning . . . which we do not.  Gotta make hay while the sun shines.

Gerald, our window washer, is coming out to wash all of them inside and out.   That's one chore I absolutely hate.  Bob does not do windows.   Everything else but not the windows.  Gerald does a great job so why mess with something if it's not broken.  A while back Gerald thought he could make a living by playing Internet poker  .  .  .you know, the games that are available on line that are based "off shore".   He lost his ass (predictable)  and is back doing what he knows and what Gerald does best . . . .he does windows.  

Yesterday I wrote about Marina Bob and his soon to be installed set of false teeth.  What I didn't mention is that Bob is a recovering meth addict who lost his chompers due to the use of that terrible drug.  New teeth for Bob is like a success story for him.   Off the shit.  Gainfully and happily employed.  Well liked by those who frequent the marina.   That hole in Bob's smile is gonna be fixed real soon.  There will be photos here of our steak dinner.

The picture posted here is of the holiday cheer that's anchored on the front lawn.   What else would I have on the lawn other than Santa skippering his boat? 


La Roo said...

I'm not a cold weather person. That's why southern California is a good place for me. Huh? It's 45 this mornng here and that's about 35 degrees cooler than I'd like it to be. High's to hit 57 today. Purple legs predicted, due to bad circulation. :)

Bob said...

In Norcal it's either too freaking hot (like 115) or too freaking cold. Nothing inbetween. Take care of those legs, girl. Elastic knee socks?

The Smoking Redhead said...

Happy Holidays Bobert!

Bob said...

Rachel: I like that . . . Bobert. Makes me just not like another Bob.

PeachBelle said...

Bobert, we got all your rain over here in Georgia this year ... soggiest year on record for us,
thank you very much, we really needed it though, normally we are in drought mode.

You can have it back now, need to dry out... too much mildew & mold,
septic tanks can't function properly, ground too saturated.

Send sunshine soon !!

Max said...

Winter here's been rather mild. Not much time spent below the freezing point, but not much snow either. Only seen it fall one day, and that was for less than and hour, and it all melted.

Bob said...

Peachbell - Welcome. Hope you become a regular. Keep reading and sunshine is sure to come your way.

Max: Would not want to be where you are. Too cold and much too close to the North for my tastes.

'PeachBelle' said...

Hi Bobert,
today is Saturday and my errand list is as long as my arm, but it's in the low 30's, windy and steady rain...brrrrrrr.

Good, hot, ol' Campbells Tomato soup hitting the spot just right! :-)

Errands will just have to wait a few days. Christmas may be late this year >.<

Library overdue fines adding up also. Meanwhile, another hot cup of soup while i curl up with said books.

(Just finished watching John Wayne movie 'Three Godfathers' on TV. Never saw it before...good movie!)

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