Friday, December 25, 2009

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

We're home for the holidays as are a lot of people.   There's nothing like being home.  Today, ham and eggs breakfast.  Lunch will be left over clam chowder from Christmas Eve.  Dinner is pot roast with roasted vegetables.

The latter is definitely not traditional but certainly an all American meal.  Why pot roast?  Tired of ham.  Tired of turkey.  Tired of prime rib.  So, why not pot roast with vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy preceded by Caesar salad?  I bought a lean cut of beef - bottom round that has close to no fat.  Apart from the eating beef part there really can be a more "good for you" cut of meat.  There will be eggnog drinks.  Desert (chocolate cake and pumpkin pie).

Apart from the celebration of the birth of Christ, the exchange of gifts, and the gathering of relatives, don't you think a large part of the Christmas celebration is food and drink?  Would the holiday be the same without the traditional array of good things to eat? 

Wifey wants to go sailing around noon of which I am hesitant.  The lake is low.  Very low - like at least 30 to 40 feet less than what it was the end of September.  Parks Service personnel intentionally drain a full lake in time for the influx of winter rain water runoff.  The marina personnel are off for the holiday.  If Sparkle Plenty runs aground and it could - - - as there are lots of places to do that even in the middle of the lake, there's no one to pull the boat off of the sandbar.  Yeah, I could pull an Humphrey Bogart African Queen thing (you do remember that film, don't you?).  Bob standing on the sandbar, rope in hand and over the shoulder which is attached to the bow of the boat.  Heave ho!  Moving 3 tons of boat by rope in hand would not be an easy task to accomplish.

I'd love to be on the lake today.  Temps will be well over 60, a slight wind just enough to fill the sails and NO ONE ELSE on the lake!  Yup.  There's likely to be no one else boating today.

Anyway, sailing Christmas Day is something to consider and may not happen all in the name of good common sense.....something every skipper should have.

The photo is of course Gracie adorned with her fake, smile for the camera look.  That's the best she could pull off.

Merry Christmas!


evalinn said...

You´ve really captured the Christmas atmosphere there! And great idea to vary the menue, I did the same. Enjoy your Christmas!

Max said...

Made lasagna and brownies for dinner. Washed it down with a bottle of 2000 California Merlot that I found for less than $15 a couple weeks ago. Had plans to have a potluck with friends, but I f'ed up my foot a few days ago and haven't been able to walk very well...that's what I get for doing an angry stomp dance after my uncool downstairs neighbors complained about noise for the third time in two weeks. Karma's a bitch...but Merry Christmas!

Bob said...

Evalinn: See what you'd get if you visited the USA during this time of year....

Max: Brother. Sounds like a forgettable Christmas. Your people below? Speakers on the floor on their side - cones facing down. Some rap music or hip hop. Volume up. Better than stomping on the floor, Max. Borrow a set of drums. That would be next. Then, dog shit in a bag, place on their doorstep, light on fire, ring bell. Order COD takeout delivered to their home. Don't get mad. Get even.

Anonymous said...


La Roo said...

Breakfast cookies, 1/2 cinammon roll, coffee.
Lunch chile & cheese tamales, scoopy corn cake, chile cheese rice, salad.
Decorated and ate sugar cookies for dessert.
Dinner coffee & chocolate covered carmels with sea salt.
Back to heathy eating today. :)

Your home and Gracie look beautiful.

The Smoking Redhead said...

Had a huge feast with the family but I have to admit that I'm glad the day is over.


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