Sunday, May 31, 2009


It must be the 28th day. I'm feeling bloated. Cranky. Out of sorts.

Wifey's been out of town since Friday. Maybe that's it. Cabin fever maybe. Gotta work out of this mood. I hate being like this.

Looks as if we'll put the boat in the water Tuesday. OB was returned from service Friday. Still a few things to do before she's launched.

Gotta find out one thing. The vendor who leases the boat slips says that the Forest Service does not allow the use of port-a-pottys on the lake. They says it's worth a ticket if you're found to have an operational potty on board. Boaters are to use the floating outhouses. What is this? Am I supposed to pull down the sails and cruise over to a floating toilet when nature calls? Most boats won't do this. Pee in the can. Pee overboard. Pee in the water. Anything but stop what they're doing to use the floating toilet. Unless they have to do two things.

I'll check with the Forest Service tomorrow to find if the use no port-a-potty regulation exists. If what I'm told is correct this had to be government at it's ignorant best.
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La Roo said...

Eat chocolate, it always makes me feel better.
I'm so excited for you to get that thing in the water!!
I'd like to watch Bob do the pee pee dance trying to get the boat dialed down and get over to the floating shitter.

Bob said...

A nice London Broil last night helped a lot as did having Wifey back home. It is likely you'll be seeing Bob do the shit fit dance in the midst of trying to head over to the floating shitter. Maybe I should invest in a case of Depends instead . . .

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