Thursday, May 28, 2009


A moment ago I went to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. Once there I took out a wine glass out of the cupboard and poured coffee into it.

If this is how the day is going to unfold this guy is headed back to bed.

Wifey: Get the camera. Let me take a picture of you holding a wine glass full of coffee. It will be perfect for your blog.

Me: All I want is a normal cup of coffee. No pictures. Just coffee.

Just where is my head this morning?


La Roo said...

Brain fart!!
oh, I left you a post 2 down from this.

Bob said...

Laroo: Gawd, I guess.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I would have given anything to see that....

Blessed said...

BTW, I continually use my coffee mugs for everything but coffee.
I even use'em for wine. Yep, lazy.

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