Sunday, May 17, 2009


Tuesday was the last entry here. Where have I been, I ask myself. Was it that I was carefree and couldn't be bothered with sitting in front of a screen?

Or as I approach 1,000 posts here that I've grown to care less about blogging?

Or was it that my office PC was in the shop and using the laptop was too cumbersome in the blogging process?

All of the above.

But Bob, being Bob, will continue to write here for reasons yet to be known. Bob says the best posts are yet to come. Believe that.

Photos here are of last week's sojourn north and along the Klamath River. Who couldn't resist stopping to capture this moment?

This is going to be a special week for on Wednesday Bob and Wifey take delivery of their Catalina 250. It's really going to happen. No more talk. Bob will soon be sailing the walk.

Bet you thought that I'd never buy that damn boat, didn't you?

Well, I thought so, too.....
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La Roo said...

Beautiful pics Bob.
Wow almost 1000, you are my hero!!
I think you were just taking a break as I have. And I would miss you and your blog if you stopped, so maybe you know that and won't stop.
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for Bob.

Bob said...

Laroo: Thank you. And I would miss yours, too. I'm not going to stop posting here. With the addition of a sailboat in the family there will definitely be more tall tales and this blog will most likely be awash with stories of mutiny.

Break out the Capt. Morgan, lassie!

Anonymous said...


This was a nice walk! I can't wait to read about your boat...I know I am a few posts behind.

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