Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Zoe will be 12 years old tomorrow. . . that would be in people years. Translated into dog years the old girl is going to hit 84.

Most say she doesn't look her age. They also say that Zoe doesn't look like a Pomeranian but a pure bred she is.

Born in Canada Zoe was sold off as a young pup to a breeder in California who had her flown from there to here. Once ready for breeding Zoe was flown back to Canada for a little romancing.

Her first litter yielded but one pup which was still born. On the next heat Zoe was again flown back to Canada for breeding . . . racking up more frequent flier miles. The second litter again yielded one pup which survived.

The breeder figured that this dog wasn't worth the flying back and forth for breeding. Couple that very expensive stud costs and Zoe was far from earning her keep in the puppy mill.

After hearing that a breeder wanted to give away Zoe Wifey traveled the distance to pick her up.

Once home it was easy to see that our new dog lacked in social skills. She was timid and often cowered. She fought for food. Could not walk on a leash. Knew not one command. Had no concept of how to play. In short, Zoe was a kennel dog who was neglected.

That has since changed. Zoe is a certified therapy dog who brings a little love and cuddling to those in assisted care facilities, cancer wards, children's burn centers, hospital ICU wards and what have you.

People ask, "What is she?" when they first see our Zoe. I reply, "She's a miniature Mongolian bear".

REALLY?! They exclaim.

I've nicknamed Zoe Pomzilla for when she's really pissed at Zinnia (or Zeenie) who's more than three times her size, she goes after her with a vengeance. Zoe has to be literally pried off poor gentle and indulgent Zeenie. Guess that behavior is left over from having to survive in the puppy mill. When you're a runt who is forced to suck hind tit acting like Pomzilla is an act of survival.

Like any aging being, Zoe visits the her doctor every six months or more for senior wellness checkups. She takes a little something for the tummy trouble that comes on every so often. Last week a respiratory problem placed her on a second medication. Zoe sleeps a lot which they say comes with her age. She's taken to only eating her morning and evening meal from Wifey's hand. All things considered, our girl Zoe remains active, playful and bitchy when it's necessary.

When you're 84 these things happen. Even at this age, Zoe does light up our life.

Happy birthday Zoe!

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Max Watson said...

Happy Birthday, Zoe!

Anonymous said...

That is one cute pooch! Belated Happy Birthday Zoey!

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