Wednesday, May 06, 2009


During my sojourn to Santa Rosa to buy the sailboat I stopped by and saw mom.

Meet mom. She's resting in peace.

Younger brother was in charge of the services, the burial and the memorial. Because I lived some distance I didn't have a role here other than to speak, on behalf the family, some words about mom.

Months after the service I visited mom. Each of the memorials in the park were of the size you see on either side of mom.

Knowing that a purchase of a larger memorial would come partially from brother's side of the estate he chose the economy sized version - a size you'll not find anywhere else in the park. One son's tribute to his mother.

When it was time to settle the estate brother argued that I should give him my half since I was set for life, didn't need the money and he did. Ah, brotherly love. Nothing like it. After this request and being the kind, loving person that I am brother heard these words come from me: Go fuck yourself. What are you, nuts? That was definitely a Bob moment.

Since brother has always been an ass and will always be that. I have to say that at least he's remained consistent over the years. You always can count on him to be an ass. Never fails.

Yeah, yeah, mom doesn't know the difference. But the one son who loved her dearly does.

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Max Watson said...

Well, you could consider that it's a unique size, special, unlike all the others around it. Probably easier to find among the other markers too. More surprising is that she's flanked by strangers!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to respond to this Bob! On one hand, I agree with you...on the other hand, I feel bad that you and your brother have this rift between you...

...Regardless, at this point, I don't think Mom minds either way.

Bob said...

Max: To boot Mom is in the military section of the park all due to where dad wanted to be planted - - - he was to be cremated and at her feet. As it was, in the end dad didn't want that and asked to be scattered somewhere else which happened. Now there's just mom - soldiers to the right, soldiers to the left . . . just as she would have wanted it. HUT!

Fox: Bro is the half bro born when I was five. There's been bad blood since day one. No loss. None what so ever. One day I'll share a keg with you and let you in on the rest of the story. .. The last chapter is a doosie.

Max Watson said...

Ha! I like the comment section story more than the first.

Bob said...

Thanks, Max. I would agree with you.

Shells Bells said...

that's just wrong..I don't know your brother but I'm adding him to the people I don't like list!

Bob said...

You're right, Shelly. He belongs on your list. Near the top.

Another Suburban Mom said...

You could always order her a bigger monument.

Bob said...

Yeah, I could.

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