Monday, May 25, 2009

POST #1,000:

Make it a Good One!

I can believe this post marks number 1,000. It wasn't yesterday that I started writing here. In fact it was August 2006.

I went page 1,000 posts ago just to see what was there. One post was about our visit to Kansas to see Aunt Dolly and Uncle Bill. Sadly enough Bill passed away Tuesday at the age of 94. We should all be so lucky.

My first post on What About Bob was of me at the ocean with Zoe and Jilli. Like Uncle Bill, Jill, the best damn dog there ever was, has since passed on. As someone commented here following Jill's untimely death a few days before her 10th birthday, she's waiting patiently for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

In the first posts there were pages about my childhood, about an Air Force pal who still keeps in touch, a vacation to Hawaii, a trip across country . . . like a diary, most of the first posts as well as the ones that follow are a fairly accurate chronicle of the past three years.

Now we're on to yet another chapter . . . Seadog Bob, who pillages and haunts the high waves. Arrrr, my maties.....

We're still readying the boat. The outboard is in for service which is why she sits high and dry. The motor should be back sometime this week.

Here you can see the solar panel in place to maintain fully charged batteries.

The last pic is of the column holding the bow of the boat and the winch. This is what we came home with following an evening trip through the Sacramento Valley. It's primary farmland and guess what? Bugs, bug and all kinds of bugs all over the boat and the truck. Honestly, there were so many it looked like snow was falling. The windshield of the truck looked like this.

Wifey: Don't you think we should stop and clean the windshield. You can hardly see where you're driving.

Me: I can see where I driving. Besides, the road to Cowtown is mostly straight so why do I really have to see where I'm driving. If I keep the wheel straight we'll be okay. No need to stop and clean the windshield. Straight and steady as she goes, Matey!

And I break into singing, I"m Popeye the Sailor Man. . . .

Wifey with great sarcasm: You're absolutely brilliant, Bob. How doooo you do it?

Me: I married you, didn't I?

Wifey: Let's change the subject.

And that's how post #1,000 went . . . .

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La Roo said...

Happy 1000 Bob!!!
Ok, I'm curious.....what made you sit down and want to start blogging? I know I had my reasons, and would like if you could share yours. I love peeking in everyday or so to see what you've got going on. Thanks for sharing your life and being Bob.

Bob said...

Interesting question, Laroo. I blog therefore I am. How's that for a compelling reason to record 1,000 posts here?

What it boils down to are several things . . .

Self expression. I've always enjoyed writing, even as a little guy.

A record, a diary of where I've been and what I was thinking (although everything thought or that has happened is not recorded here). For me I've enjoyed being able to look back in the blog and say, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that!"

A medium for relatives to see what Bob and family has been up to.

And a place to connect with online or blogger friends such as yourself.

There you have it. Thanks for asking.

evalinn said...

Well I´m glad u´re still around! :-)

La Roo said...

Just curious, thanks.
Mine is not exactly family fiendly and I'm pretty ok with that.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I am amazed that you get away with as much as you do!

Happy 1000's post!

And here I am still trying to get my shit together.....

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