Friday, May 22, 2009


Monday Grace comes home from school ready to go down for the count. We're thinking it must have been helluva weekend at her mom's house.

Grace has her snack and then hits the family room couch, dog in tow, for some rest. Wifey applies a cold cloth.

Grace is down for the next three hours. That's so unlike her.

Tuesday she stays home with her mom.

Wednesday we're off to buy a boat.

Yesterday . . . Thursday, Grace comes in after school still red eyed but grinning nonetheless. Whatever bug she had was still with her to some degree.

Even though still a bit under the weather, Gracie was still down but definitely not out. She just had to check out the inside of the sailboat. And she just had to bring all of her school books inside of it for homework reading practice.

Grace: Papa? I just love your boat.

Me: I'm glad that it meets your approval. And what if you didn't like it?

Grace . . . blank stare not knowing what else to say...

Me: Well, I guess if you didn't like the sailboat you would not be sailing with your Papa, would you?

Grace . . . blank stare . . . at times she just doesn't know how to take some of my comments.

It's Friday and a long weekend. Enjoy yourselves.

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Anonymous said...


My kids have been coming down with the crud as well. On Wednesday, my son Knightwing decided that dinner was not worth keeping so he just spewed it out.....

Something is definitely going around.

Bob said...

I think I have brown bottle flu this morning. . .

Max Watson said...

Haha... I think those are the blank stares of necessary gray matter being constructed.

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