Friday, May 29, 2009


I must be pregnant. All kinds of strange cravings have taken over my appetite. Like a chick who's knocked up and who has hormones all over the board, I just gotta have what I wanna have to eat.

Chicken and waffles has been on the "gotta/wanna/gonna" eat list for quite some time. If you think any one restaurant in Cow Town has that on their menu you don't know a thing about this place. With a population of 88% crackers soul food has no niche in this town.

Either I make chicken and waffles at home (no fun here - what a mess to clean up), or request an order of waffles and another order of chicken at a local eatery (will cost an arm and leg for certain), or use what's left of the frequent flier miles to wing it on down to Atlanta where soul food is king. Otherwise Bob's shit out of luck when it comes to satisfying this craving.

This week I added maple bars with bacon on top of them to Bob's gotta/wanna/gonna eat list. Doesn't that sound just so delicious? I'm asking a local baker to start placing bacon on top of his maple bars. If he takes my advice this guy is in for a large increase in business.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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La Roo said...

Never had chicken and waffles. Like both, probably like them together.
The whole maple bar thing looks like the post I left you on your "feels like Monday".
This sounds good also. Maybe I'm pregnant?
Oh god.....NO!!

gplarkin said...

Is there custard in that maple bar? That would do it for me.

Max Watson said...

We'll head over to the Black Bear this summer after 4pm and get one order of fried chicken and one waffle!

Shelly Reid said...

I love bacon seriously but on maple?? Chicken and waffles???? that must be an American thang for sure!

Bob said...

Laroo: Chicken and waffles are considered to be excellent methods of birth control. I just read that.

Geoff: Probably.

Max:You're on.

Shelly: If you like chicken and if you like waffles you're sure to like them on the same plate.

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