Sunday, May 03, 2009


Here we are at our destination just off I-5 in northern California.

We've parked the fifth wheel in this park for the summer as a place to get away and to enjoy new scenery.
Wifey is shown here all happy on Friday and holding her pal Zeenie.

Little did she know. . .

Little did she know that Saturday morning the trailer's forced air heater crapped out. It would blow but it wouldn't burn. Sounds like a thermal coupler.
Since the climate this time of the year can be frosty in the morning (and it was that Saturday) we packed up, left the trailer and drove home. A repair service will fix what ails the heater sometime this week.
Those damn wheels continue to need grease and more grease.
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Max Watson said...

Too bad... But I wouldn't have drove home, I'd have gone to Eugene.

La Roo said...

It looks beautiful there. Sorry it was short lived.

evalinn said...

Lots of work, huh!

Anonymous said... weren't even 2 miles away from us...and NO CALL??? No visit??? What a burn :(((( As ruggy as it is here in Mayberry, we do have a heater!!! Too bad, it would have been nice to see you guys.

Bob said...

8th Grade/GF: There's always next time. Sorry that I didn't have your phone # or your address Sat.

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