Monday, May 11, 2009


By now this horrible name for a boat (far right below the rail) - - - Victory 2, has been removed per my instructions and awaits a new name. Just exactly what we'll christen her remains to be seen.

May 20th remains the pickup date. After parking in our drive we will continue to clean it up, replace the floor coverings and add a few other pieces of equipment.

She'll be berthed at Whiskeytown Lake. The link provided here is to a live cam view of a small portion of it. There's link on this page to current weather conditions on the lake. The latter drives me crazy. Yesterday temps on the lake were close to 80 with winds ranging from 8 to 16 mph. That's pretty decent sailing conditions and with no boat to sail . . . well, I go a little crazy.

Tonight I've decided to sail . . . . . boat or no boat. Sailing this evening is defined as being a filled bathtub complete with a fleet of rubber duckies.


and when the bath water cools?



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Anonymous said...

So when does Bob go to Pirate School to lob off the leg and get the eye patch?

Dawn said...

She looks like "Pomeranian Princess" or "Quest of Pomerania"... something PomQueenie. feminine.

evalinn said...

Maybe you should have a competition here on the blog, for names?

Bob said...

Fox: I got one thing down that's for certain: Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum!

Dawn: Pomzilla?

Evalinn: Hmmm. Maybe....

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