Saturday, February 23, 2008


I took this photo driving to work yesterday. It's a 16 mile drive. It was snowing which made for a really beautiful ride.

Hard to believe that we live in California and get this amount of snow in the Valley. The old timers say that this year looks like a record snow fall.
Instead of driving home to Cow Town the wife and the dog braved the winter storm to drive to Big Valley.

Must have been one hell of a trip because the two of them were just plain tuckered out yesterday afternoon.

I was ready to party and they were ready to nap. And nap they did.
Let sleeping dogs lie? Does it get any more precious than this?

Last night the wife and I ventured out for dinner in the Valley. We stopped at the local hotel, famous because it's so old and funk-a-delic. Had a drink at their 100 year old plus bar (the wife white wine, me Blue Saphire up), then dinner in their dining room.

We sat by the fireplace in the dining room. Fine food. A bottle of wine. The perfect way to end a week.

Enjoy your weekend. Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that dog could not get any cuter, Bob. those are great pictures!

and i love the post below with Grace and her western get-up. i want a pair of those boots!! :)

Bob said...

Katie: Yeah, Zoe's long on cute and short on brains. But we love her to death anyway.

Better get yourself to the nearest western store for your Fat Babies. They're pretty cute.

Sexy Duet said...

Weekends are made for napping and it sounds like you are having a great one :)


evalinn said...

I can´t believe how much snow u´ve got! Here we haven´t had any snow all winter...weird!

Bob said...

Ms SD: The wife is living up to that one - napping on the weekend. Now if I can only get into that habit . . .

Eva: We can't believe it either. More is on the way today.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh that dog is soooo cute!!!

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