Friday, February 22, 2008

Last weekend, while working at my desk at home, the grandchild sat next to me and said:

Grace: "Papa?"

Me: "Yes, Grace."

Grace: Would you buy me a cow girl shirt, boots, belt and shirt?"

Me: Sure, Grace. Let's see if Grammy has time to take you shopping."

Me: "Candace? Would you mind taking Grace down to the outlet western store? She'd like to do some shopping. Just call when she finds what she wants and let's talk about how much to spend."

Candace: "You know me. Any excuse to shop.

And the two leave for shopping.

Three hours later and still no phone call the pair arrives home. Grace is all decked out in what you see here complete with a pair of Fat Babies western boots.

Me: "What happened to the phone call?"

Candace: "Nothing."

Me: "That's what I thought. How much was this?"

And I'm thinking 50 - 60 bucks total. How much could stuff for a five year old cost anyway?

Candace: "It came to 140 bucks. Grace picked everything out herself and in order starting with the boots."

Me: "Gulp!"

I don't mind buying stuff that costs a bit but I do mind buying stuff for a five year old that she'll soon grow out of. Well, you can't take it with you. The shopping spree will no doubt be one of those priceless memories for Candace and for Grace.

And here's those Fat Baby boots. Everyone has heard about Fat Babies except me. Last time I heard the term Fat Babies was in a topless bar.

"Dude, look at those fat babies."
And then there's the purple belt and buckle that Grace just had to have.

Grace is all ready to Cow Girl Up in Big Valley. Now if it would ever stop snowing in the Valley maybe we can saddle up and take a trail ride.

Happy Weekend! Yahoooo!

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Sexy Duet said...

Love the boots, although I have never heard of Fat Babies. I cant say much about the shopping spree, I bought my daughter four pairs of shoes today - but she really did need them all :)


Anonymous said...

Too precious!

Bob said...

Ms SD: Until last week I too had never heard of Fat Babies (outside of the topless bar :) ). Four pairs of shoes for your girl? She's definitely set for a while.

Blither: Thanks! She's the apple of my eye.

twilite said...

What a cool outfit for your granddaughter!

Bob said...

Lea: Cool outfit = $140. I guess it was worth it. Time will tell.

Rachel said...

How cute, I just got a pair of Fat Babies for my birthday!


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