Monday, February 25, 2008


Zoe is a snooze bug. She loves her morning, afternoon and evening snooze. In dog years Zoe is nearly 77. When you're that old I guess snoozing becomes a way of life.

Here Zoe is with one of her squeaky pets taking up the rear.

Anyway, the wife visited me in Big Valley this weekend. Zoe sleeping is a small part of a nice weekend.

This weekend the wife and I had dinner out twice. Drove around. Cavorted a couple of times. Had meaningful conversation. It was an A plus weekend. It was like dating. Very special.

So the wife gets ready to leave Big Valley on Sunday and head back to Cow Town. We kiss goodbye, the wife gets into the car and puts it in gear to leave. I happen to glance at the rear tire. I rap on the window, make the cut throat sign and the wife turns the car off.

Yup. Flat tire. The wife picked up a screw on the highway to the Valley that managed to create a slow leak. Is this what they mean about having a screw loose? Well, someone had a screw loose and it ended up in the rear tire of the wife's car.

Then there's the water at my home in Big Valley. I rent this place. The landlord knows the water is terrible but does nothing about it.

Check out the stains in a 4 month old toilet. Yes, it's been four months since the landlord installed it. I clean it once a week. This is what it looks like at the end of 7 days.

So I pull the lid off of the toilet tank. Hmmmm. No wonder there are rust streaks on the bowl of the toilet.

Good news? No way have I ever drank the water.

So when people ask me about Big Valley I always say, "It's a nice place but you wouldn't want to drink the water."

There's no way I want to plug up my plumbing by drinking this shit.

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evalinn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love snoozing too.

Sexy Duet said...

The water still isnt fixed???? I'm not sure I would want to shower in that either, I think my bottled water bill would be pretty high if I lived there.

Happy you had a great weekend :)


Bob said...

Eva: You'd fit right in here!

Ms SD: Nope, still not fixed. And to top that off, the notice we received in November that the water was contaminated? The landlord has never issued another notice that it's safe to drink. I smell better before showering. . . . I'll be glad to leave this place come May/June.

Rachel said...

You have such an interesting life!

Bob said...

Rachel: I do live an interesting life. But I think yours is pretty cool, too.

Unbearable Lightness said...

Love your little snooze bug...what an adorable little lapdog! And you do indeed have a beautiful wife. The occasional flat tire and rusty toilet bowl are mere blips on the screen of a beautiful life.

Thanks so much for your comment on my post. I am indeed 63 and getting younger every year.

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