Monday, February 11, 2008


It's the wife's birthday today. Last night we celebrated.

First it was with the family out to dinner at one of Cow Town's best Italian restaurants. It was just totally scrumptious.

Then it was home for cake, ice cream cake and presents.

Here you can see that Zoe's hoping for the best but knowing the worst that there's no getting her paws on any part of the ice cream cake. The wife, daughter Dawn and the grandchild are savoring the moment.

With the help of her mother, Grace painted a picture for her grandmother. Quite the artist, isn't she?

Here Grace is working on a Lite Bright project and taking in all of the adult conversation.

One of the gifts that I bought for the wife was an antique scale (circa 1898) that I bought from a dealer in the Valley. My other gifts were a western style embroidered jean jacket, a suede jacket with turquoise buttons and an amethethist ring.

The kids showered Mom with gifts, too. They were all so very thoughtful.

Then the wife and Grace had to do the Chicken Dance. It seems that the Chicken Dance comes up every time we have a family gathering. Only thing, the wife is the only one who will dance.

In this life there's the doers and then there's the lurkers who watch the movers and shakers.

Life is not a spectator sport. Get out there and shake that thing!

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Rachel said...

Very cool, us February babies have to stick together in these cold months. A very Happy Birthday to your lovely better half ;)

Love that Zoe!!

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Many happy returns to your wonderful and lovely wife. What a great gift from your children!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your lovely wife, Bob!! You done real good with your presents for her. I am impressed, my dear!

grace is so darn cute too!! i know you are one proud Grandpa!

Hope your wife had a great b-day! she shares it with my nephew and godson who turned 4 today!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wife. Lucky Bob. May she have many more special days. Cheers!

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