Wednesday, February 20, 2008


January 11th. It will be six weeks this coming Friday.

I hate Friday's for that reason.

Every Day and I mean every day:

I get mad.

I'm more than sad.

There's huge regret.

But there's no bringing back my Jill.

This taken last November.

Go ahead, say it. Bob's a nut case over the loss of his dog.

And that would be correct.

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Kittie Kate said...

That's sad!
My doggie's my baby!

Sexy Duet said...

Of course you are grieving the loss of your best friend and companion - you wouldnt be the Bob we love if you werent.


Bob said...

Kate: You're absolutely right - our pup's are our babies!

Ms SD: As always, thanks for being there. I've got to quit my whining and get over it. Easier said than done . . .

Anonymous said...

Bob! You are not a nut at all!! i love how much you loved your Jill.

That is a great picture of you all.

You have a wonderful weekend, my dear! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr Bob,
I hate to tell ya, but there is this spot that will always miss your Jillie. It does get easier, but there will be sad and angry days.
Just the other day I was dusting and noticed my Buddy's Box, his ashes, the box was covered in dust. A little over a year has gone by and I still miss him so much. I picked up his collar that lay next to his box. It's roughly the size of an eight year old boys belt. Buddy was a mammoth size beast. I remembered petting my boy and how the collar felt around his furry neck. I smiled through my tears. I missed him. Buddy was so much more to me than a dog.
Every dog is special, but there is always that certain special one that makes all the other dogs dumb as door knobs :)
Buddy was my special one.

Chris said...

Hi Bob,
Floated over here by way of Cuppa Joe. Saw your beautiful Grace! What a Cutie pie. I lost my Border Collie Freckles on Jan 26 this year. I feel your pain. She was 15 and I'd had her since she was three months old. I still can't believe she's gone. I know your Jill is up there running in the fields of Heaven with my Freckles!
Nice to meet you on the blogs.

Bob said...

Katie: I just feel like a nut. Only people with dogs who treat them like their kids understand the emotional rollercoaster that I'm on.

Blither: I was afraid of that. Thanks for the warning.

Chris: Wow. Then you really do know what grief over the loss of a pet is all about. It's sometimes too overwhelming. Yesterday, while shopping, the clerk asked how the "girls" were and I just lost it. I felt so very silly but sooo overwhelmed with grief, too. Thanks for sharing your experience: Misery does love company.

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