Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Saturday: Time to Float - Time to be Free

Enjoy.......Cause I got to be free.


Ryan said...

I know this irrelevant, but I love the title of your blog.

Anonymous said...

good stuff here, bob.

and i love the post below about Jilli. that brought a tear to my eye. she's in a good place though...running and playing and having fun..

but i know you will always miss her, dear. and you have all those great pictures to keep her memory alive.

have a great weekend, bob!!

Sexy Duet said...

Have a good weekend Bob. I hope the snow kept away so you could go home.


twilite said...

Hi Bob! Obama's quote seem good yet without money, one lives in hell on earth especially during the winter months! So making a buck IS important.

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