Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've ranted about clothing manufacturers not producing pants, jeans, shorts in size 35 waist. Check it out next time you shop. They are not on the shelves.

I'm not a 36 waist. I float around in size 36 jeans. I am not a floater. I hate wearing clothes that are too big.

Son Max is in the same boat. Max says that the best thing is not to succumb to being a 36 but lose weight and get back into that size 34.

So I went to Walmart yesterday and bought those 34 waist jeans. Regular fit and not the "relaxed" version. Relaxed is another way of saying FAT version of size.

So there they sit on the back of a chair in the Big Valley house. You see them here. Should I try on the 34's or wait? I'll be damned if I'm returning them. But I'll also be damned if I'm supposed to give up beer, great food and my rocky road ice cream after dinner just to fit in a pair of jeans. Hmmmm. What to do. What to do.

When I was a teen my jean size was 30 waist, 30 length. 30 x 30. It was easy to remember.

Somewhere along the line I skipped sizes and I was a 33 waist. For the longest time I was 33. Then about the time I turned 40 it became 34. And soon after 34's didn't cut it.

I think I'm back on my game and that I really can fit into those size 34 jeans. Problem is, I'm chicken shit to try. I hate rejection.

Stay tuned. Bob may do a future HNT picture in his size 34 blue jeans. Hopefully I won't have to stuff too much into them!

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Sexy Duet said...

We dont have different sizes for the length, although some brands do short and medium length.

Go on and try them, you might get a nice surprise and if not, you can console yourself with a tub of rocky road ice cream :)


Anonymous said...

oh, i am looking forward to this HNT pic, Bob!!!

Happy weekend to ya! have a good one. :)

Bob said...

Ms SD: Okay, I'll try them on today. Look for pictures soon.

Katie: The wife todays said no to any HNT pictures of Bob. Maybe I can sneak one in.

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