Friday, October 27, 2006


The dogs and I were in the backyard yesterday, basking in the sun, playing ball and avoiding the chores that I had on the list to do that day. I am employed by the Honey-Do Corporation. Candace is the CEO.

During the romp in the sun, I noticed a coyote in the green belt just on the eastern side of the house. He looked at me, I looked at him. The coyote didn't budge. Bob didn't budge.

I thought that it was strange that a coyote would be so brazen at that time of day. He was eating something. A quick inventory told me the coyote wasn't feasting on the cat or either of the two dogs. Apples? It was eating apples.

The day before Candace and Grace had thrown over ripe apples over the fence for the deer to eat.

As a habit I keep the gates locked and check the fenceboards regularly to make certain that Wylie doesn't find his way into our compound. Seeing a coyote in broad daylight with no worry in the world drove home the importance of checking the fenceline every day.

The picture? It's Zoe resting on MY pillow. When you have dogs, nothing is sacred.

It's a shame that the apples were thrown over the fence. I could have used them in our antique still. Then Old Bob could have gotten into the business of making and running moonshine, just like the Dukes of Hazard. I'd be Bo Duke. An orange Charger (the General Lee) would sit in the garage just waiting for another batch of Howling Coyote Moonshine to be ready for shipment.

Once loaded with the shipment of Howling Coyote, I'd pull out of the drive and onto the street. Sooner or later Boss Hog would come into my rearview mirrow, red lights glaring, siren blaring. I'd goose the General Lee and awayyyyy we'd go. There would be no catching Old Bob and General Lee.

I found this cartoon 6 months ago. Does it ever ring true today.
Max took this picture several years ago while on holiday in Italy. Isn't this a great picture? Posted by Picasa

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