Sunday, October 15, 2006


Our last night in Hawaii was spent at the hotel. That evening dancers and singers from the Polynesian Village performed on the lawn adjacent to the swimming pool. The sunset was just right. LOST was on ABC that night. A perfect end to a great vacation.

Candace had duck, I had macadamia nut encrusted chicken.

It was a priceless evening.

When I was a youngster my mother would always prompt me at dinner when I had a large glass of liquid to consume with the meal. She would say, "Now you know that you're going to wet the bed tonight if you drink all of that!" Funny thing, as a young lad growing up I never wet the bed after drinking any amount of liquid.

Today each and everytime I have a large glass of ice tea, beer, soda, even water, my mother's words echo in my ears. This last night in Hawaii was no exception. I heard the words, the bed was dry.

As I contemplated the last night of our vacation and the dread of the airplane trip home, could I have predicted:

That my boarding pass was tossed aside by yours truly during the rush of the security process? The luck of the day was its discovery by another passenger waiting for me to wipe that "oh shit" look off of my face so they could get by.

I'm going to take another trip really soon just to master the art of getting through security screening without looking like a blithering idiot.

That two seats in front of us on the aircraft there would be a never ending crying toddler. Thank goodness for noise cancelling earphones which nearly cancelled out this racket. Who in their right mind travels with small children anyway?

That a day after arriving home Candace would be floored with the flu.

That my home office PC died and went to PC heaven (working on this laptop at best is like my idea of camping: A room at Motel 6).

This just in, that if we would have extended the visit by several days, that we would have been stranded by Sunday's earthquakes. Just think, stranded in Hawaii. . . how bad could that be?!

And if that's the worse that happened as we ended our trip, HEY! It was a greating ending!!

My thoughts on spending 10 days in Hawaii? In the words of Bob Dylan (Mr. Tambourine Man) :

"Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free."

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Max said...

I'm just now catching up on your posts since you got back from Hawaii. In all it sounds like you had a wonderful time; wish we could have been there.

Bob said...

Yes, it was a wonderful time albeit expensive: I paid off the credit card bill last night jammed packed with all kinds of charges from the vacation. But as the bumper sticker on my Silver Cloud says, "I'm spending my children's inheritance". Sorry about that, Max! :)

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