Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Part of this afternoon was spent packing our bags in anticipation of checking out of the hotel early tomorrow morning. Our flight leaves Honolulu at 1:00 p.m. Returning the car, putting up with airport security, changing the horrible seats that were assigned to us, last minute shopping in the airport, etc. etc. etc, all adds up and takes time.

We're ready to stay, we're ready to go, it's a bitter sweet departure.

The surf has been high as you can see from this picture. It's been a swimmer's nightmare but a surfer's dream these past few days. There have been storms in Alaska. The north shore of Oahu is the first landfall waves hit after being generated in Alaska.

Candace is thinking about all of the laundry she will do once we arrive home. It's a pile!
I'm thinking about just getting home, seeing the dogs who will no doubt go nuts when we pick them up, eating home cooked food which I will prepare for the first time in 10 days and working in the yard. It's been 85 and sunny at home which makes for great weather to work in the yard.
We'll miss scenes like these which have become common to us during our stay in Oahu.

Next trip? We'll definitely hit the fall colors on the east coast a year from now. Italy, France or Fiji are trips we've kicked around as potentials for the near future.

A popular saying once was, "Half the fun is getting there" which really is no longer applicable. Today the real fun is being at your destination and immersing yourself in all it has to offer. We did just that and because of that approach to this trip there is no doubt that our visit to Oahu has been one of the best vacations that we've ever taken together.

Will we ever visit the Islands again. Most likely this will be our last visit (there's been 5 or 6) in favor of visiting other places that we've never seen. Doesn't that sound so very final? Never close a door? Okay, maybe the door to another visit is cracked just enough for at least one more visit. After all, we have a grandchild who really needs to see Hawaii. What better excuse is there?

We'll have dinner out tonight (like there's any other choice) and toast the next adventure, to our good health and to the many blessings we are thankful for. Mahalo Hawaii, we will definitely be back. Posted by Picasa

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Max said...

You never know, you might just end up in Hawaii again. Although, with the high price of accomodations and food, I'm in no rush to get there! The Phillipines are a nice substitute, a quicker plane ride, and a helluva lot cheaper... Well, at least a quicker flight for me ;)

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