Sunday, October 08, 2006


Candace is out walking the beach having started out at a little after 6. I'm in the hotel room running a bit slow this morning, drinking coffee, watching pre-game football programs and thinking about what to do today.

Last night's meal was taken at our hotel. It was seafood night at the buffet. I'm not a big fan of seafood but the spread included peel and eat shrimp, sliced uncooked sushi grade Ahi, sushi and the usual spread of prime rib. Oink!

I was going to write about my disgust this morning with America's current president (As a Republican that is certainly my perogative) but it would take too long to complete. Time today is better spent outside and not venting my frustration. Let's just say that it's time for our troops to come come and stop the senseless/pointless slaughter of Americans in Iraq.

The picture of the kites was taken at one of Oahu's 130 beaches yesterday on our way back to the hotel from Waikiki.

Ready to hit the beach and do a bit of swimming.
Dear Lord, please lead me to a stash of money to pay for this trip. I've been a good boy. Thank you.
Saturday night is always pizza night at the Watson's. Last Saturday night Max was with us. You can see that he was completely involved in creating his own pizza. Unlike his father, Max exercised great restraint and class in his pizza: He did not pile vegetable and meat on top of one another as his father loves to do thereby making a complete mess. Great job Max!

This weekend Max is off with friends sailing San Francisco Bay. It's Fleet Week in SF and the Blue Angels are flying. What a great time to be sailing. Posted by Picasa

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