Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yesterday Candace went with Grace's preschool class to the pumpkin farm. I had planned on going to the pumpkin farm too but unfortunately an issue with one of our properties came first. Nuts.

I have a recipe for stew baked in a hollowed out pumpkin. This is something I've always wanted to prepare but have not. With a little rain, some cold weather maybe I'll just do that.

This is my corny picture of the week. Thank you, Grace!
At the pumpkin farm they have a few hand operated water pumps used on the good old days. Yesterday children had contests to see who could pump the most amount of water in the least amount of time.

I was the same age as Grace when I began to visit my Uncle Ed's ranch in Fresno. While my Aunt and Uncle had running water in the house, the farm still had a couple of hand operated pumps in the barn and on the service porch of their home. I can remember the water from the pumps as tasting as sweet as sugar and as cold as ice. It was the best.

This is Candace looking down the pumpkin farm firing range for a projectile of corn that was launched from this cannon contraption at the pumpkin farm. Grace didn't like the noise the cannon and melted down until they stopped firing them.

It's nice to see that Home Land Security has installed the cannons to protect the pumpkins from being potentially subjected to terrorism.

Home Land Security could use a few corn cannons installed at airports. They would be exclusively reserved for ding-dongs like myself who need a blast of corn aimed in their direction when they get confused on to what to do at the security check point.

Being a native Nebraskan, a projectile of corn headed in my direction would be just what the doctor ordered. Posted by Picasa

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