Thursday, October 05, 2006


The beach in the morning is pocked with tiny little "fox holes" dug by resident crabs. They scamper about the beach and into the water. It appears that they rest in the sand at night, all safe and cuddly in their little burrows.

One of the little crabs that scamper about the beach. I understand that the locals gather them at night. Since they're soft shelled and so tiny I suspect they're boiled and then eaten as is.
Candace is staking out a horse for next adventure into the jungle.

During our walk we stumbled on several areas used for filming Lost. These areas were jungle like.
One the remnants of WWII on the Hawaiian coast. I can't imagine being a soldier sitting in this bunker hour after hour constantly on guard in case of an attack from the sea. Posted by Picasa


Max said...

I'd eat that crab!

Bob said...

Too late, a gull already had turned this little crab over and consumed its insides. All that's left is what you see. It'd be good to put in a pot for crab soup and that's about all.

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