Thursday, October 05, 2006


Last night we at the hotel's sports bar. There was nothing sporting about it as it appeared to be a regular bar and restaurant. The view was spectacular so they could have dubbed it Bar With An Island View. That name would have been more appropriate.

Candace had a Mai Tai and I of course had the mandatory Bud. I ordered a Hawaiian pizza for myself and Candace had Ahi seared (crispy on the outside but very raw on the inside).

Later we retired to the room to watch Lost on ABC. It ended at 9:00 p.m. which is midnight home time. We both were ready for sleep.

Spam is hot stuff in the Islands. Spam this, Spam that, Spam on this or that, Spam on everything. Here's a picture of Spam Sushi. Neither of us are going to eat Spam. It's not on the list of "we gotta eat that".
Shrimp trucks are all over the place. They sometimes have little tents for customers to enjoy what they've bought to eat. We'll try one of the trucks that was recommended tomorrow.

Next to this truck is a shrimp farm where they're grown, at least for this vendor. Not a bad idea to cut out both the fisherman and the middle man in order to make a buck.

This morning we took an early walk on the beach. Candace is holding two crabs, R.I.P.

At noon today we'll travel south to the Polynesian Cultural Village. For $40 a person you can observe seven native villages, complete with villagers, in what used to be their natural environment.

Their luau is $80. For two hundred dollars you get the village tour, prime rib instead of roast pig, a seat up front for the luau, a pre luau peek behind the scenes. We're passing on the luau. Been there, saw that more than several times.

The weather remains pleasant with a soft Trade Wind breeze that is constant. We're both very relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

Tomorrow in lieu of an early morning walk it will be laps in the swimming pool and a workout at the hotel's fitness spa (or for some of the guests, the unfitness spa). It's nice to be on vacation. Having fun, wish you were here. Posted by Picasa


Max said...

Koreans love Spam... goes back to the time after the war when one of the few foods you could find was Spam leftover from the 'merican military.

The island is probably flocking with more Koreans than Japanese right now too because of the holiday.

Bob said...

There are a lot of either Japanese or Koreans here - bus loads full. I can't tell the difference. In fact, there are no other nationalities on the tour buses. Is it me or are they always unhappy? They frown a lot and don't look like they're having a very good time.

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