Monday, October 09, 2006


When we travel opportunity is always there to meet new people and make friends. On a trip to Matzalan we met some very nice people from Central California. We remained friends for a number of years, traveling back and forth to their house and they to our house. Vacations were shared together, gifts exchanged for birthdays, we had a close friendship.

One Christmas Eve a few years back the husband became very whacked out and threw out all of the family room furniture into the backyard. Late Christmas Eve I received a call from his wife for some advice. I said, "Put the furniture back in the house before it rains." After this incident the relationship between our families was never the same. We haven't seen them since. I really liked those guys.

During our daily adventure we met a really nice person named Ron. He invited us to lunch where we had a really great time talking about this and that. What a really great guy.

Ron invited us to a Mac Luau last night. There is food served in any luau. Not to be outdone by the Hawaiians, Ron said that his luau was very special. Ron said that 150 1/4 pound burgers, 150 pounds of French fries, 200 pounds of chicken nuggets were all mixed together and then formed into the shape of a pig and placed in a deep open pit. The "pig" would be wrapped in banana leaves. Hot coals would cover the top of the leaves and then dirt raked over everything to keep the coals warm. It takes all day for the pig to cook in order for it to reach the peak of flavor.

Ron said that the Mac Luau would have dancing, fire burger walking, burger toss, pin the tail on the burger, flame throw deep fry cooker tossing, French Fry Tassle Toss for the ladies, bongo dancing, Poi face painting, rolling in the dirt for everyone and all the carbonated drinks anyone could consume in one night. And of course there was all the food that was cooked deep pit style. Yummy!

While Ron described his luau he would sing "I'm going to a hookie lau, hookie, hookie, hookie, hookie, hookie lau." It wasn't long before Ron had both of us chiming in to the song. It was like a hootnanny from the 60's.

We were not in the mood for partying last night so both of us begged off in favor of another scrumptious buffet dinner in the hotel. I'm sure we missed one heck of a great time at the Mac Luau. We hope to see our friend Ron again. He promised to stay in touch with us. I believe him and like our Central Valley friends, we'll be very close that is unless Ron decides to throw furniture outside of his house on any given Christmas Eve.

Candace has taken a liking to learning about Hawaiian sea turtles and photographing them.
Monday's sunrise over Turtle Bay Resort. Just after sunrise a group of models and a still photography crew setup on the point. It's the perfect place for pictures.
This guy flew over our beachfront yesterday and waved as he went over us. The engine on this thing could fit on the front seat of my pickup truck with room left for three bags of groceries. I'd never fly in anything with an engine that size, would you?

It's raining now, the first in 7 days. We were at the Audubon Ranch when the rain began to fall in buckets and you guessed it, the top was down on the VW. Hawaii can be sun one minute and rain the next. That's part of the fun of being here.

We're counting the days until it's time to board the plane back to Sacramento. I miss the dogs and will love being back home with them. After all, the dogs are family. As they say, there's no place like home. We've done about all there is to day on this island. When someone asks if we've been to Oahu we can truthfully say, "Been there, done that." Posted by Picasa

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