Sunday, October 08, 2006


If she's not working out at the gym Candace loves her morning walk. Here she is this morning, head down, hell bent on getting a good cardio walk in before breakfast. I would have walked with Candace but I was a bit under the weather with tummy problems.

People without color frequent the beach their first day in Hawaii. You can't miss them - they're the ones totally white or with little color. These tourists end up as people with color, mostly red in color with blisters. Most of their remaining vacation is devoted to avoiding the sun which red white people should do under those painful conditions.

Another sunrise this time on Sunday. I'll get one prize winner out of this batch of pictures yet.
Vacation does not always bring out the best in couples. While dressing this morning as we readied ourselves to leave for the day I noticed a young lady pensively sitting on the beach. During our 6 days in Hawaii, this is the first lady who took time to sit on the beach without a towel at 6:30 a.m. alone. While not the best place to sit and ponder life's issues, it probably was the handiest spot to sit, in full view of her husband or lover who no doubt was in a hotel room on the fourth or fifth floor. He probably got whatever message she was wishing to convey by assuming this position.

Out of a series of umpteen moon pictures spread over two nights, this was the best that I could produce. I need to read the stinking manual on how to take pictures of the moon. On second thought, I don't ever read manuals or refer to maps. Never! Back to hit or miss, trial and error photography. It's more fun that way.

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Max said...

With Sunday, most of the Koreans should have left with the end of the Chuseok holiday...

But as for photographing the moon, you might get it if you set the meter to "spot" mode. But manual (under) exposure is what you really need.

Bob said...

Thanks for the tips. Next full moon I'll give them a try.

Hotel and area looking a bit empty as the holiday does appear to be over. Do you think North Korea timed their nuclear test with the en of the Chuseok holiday - wanting it to go out with a bang?

Max said...

Chuseok is officially only one day, last Friday. NK's nuclear test marked the anniversary of the founding of NK's Worker's Party.

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