Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Blogger and Picasa are not posting pictures that I attach to my posts. Yesterday's entry had a series of butterfly shots that are not here this morning. Today I spent a lot of time on another post only to find that the photos won't attach.

After 1,125 posts here I wonder if I shouldn't change blog hosts. Blogger often doesn't always work out for me.


Joker_SATX said...

You have a Livejournal Account Bob. Not only that but it offers more security for you. Post to the public what you want. Post to your friends what you want. Post to yourself just to keep your thoughts straight.

Plus, you have a friend here that can answer your LiveJournal tech Questions...

A blog site with built in Tech Support....Hmmmmm

La Roo said...

I don't know about livejournal Joker. That interests me.
I'll have to look more into it when I have time.

I wish I could help you Bob, I have no clue.

Bob said...

Joker: Thinking more about moving to your locale than I am thinking about changing blog sites. Are all my Ex's in Texas?

Laroo: I wish you could help me too, Laroo. If you only knew . . .

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