Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in business

I think that I've resolved the matter of being able to post photos to the blog. Looks like we're make in business. Put things like this under the heading of Things That Keep Bob Busy, will you? There always seems to be a bunch.

Here's where two of our three trailers are stored: The black Chevy pickup truck bed that's used to haul dirt, rocks or what have you and the trailer that hauls the sailboat. The fifth wheel is stored in the RV parking space provided alongside the house.

The area for storage is covered which helps to prevent sun damage to both trailers. Three to four months of 100 plus Cowtown sun will eat up most surfaces. It's open air which is shared by other owners who park alongside of our space.

When I rented the space I was told there was 12' clearance in and under the roof. Well, that's kind of correct. What's not in the computation are the roof beams which you see here. Their presence creates less than 12' clearance.

Heck, that doesn't matter as I've found that the mast cradled on the boat requires over 12' of clearance. It's closer to just over 13 feet. Check out any freeway overpass. Most clearance under an overpass is just over 14' in height. We barely scoot under them. Just think of not clearing an overpass.....whooo hoo! What a treat that would be!

So much for the plan to park the sailboat here during the winter. I'm on the waiting list to rent a 40' long enclosed storage area with a 14' overhead door. It would be perfect parking for the sailboat and a place for cleaning and repairs that's out of the weather. If that doesn't happen the boat will remain in the water for however long that it takes to find storage with a 14' clearance.

Add this to the list of Things That Keep Bob Busy, will you?

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Joker_SATX said...

Bob, Consider it added to the list...

Bob said...

Thanks. I need someone to keep track of my shit. I owe you.

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