Sunday, August 23, 2009

Think house paint is expensive?

If you think a gallon of house paint is expensive try this: One gallon of Interlux Micron CSC bottom paint: $199. That's just for the paint.

Before we put her in the water it took two gallons of Micron to thoroughly cover the bottom of Sparkle Plenty. You didn't think painting your bottom was that expensive, did you? Well, it is.

I've put boats in the water for extended periods of time without going through the process of painting its bottom. Come pull out time removing the accumulated grunge took lots and lots of chemicals and elbow grease to remove it. That was one of the times where I wished that I had followed someones advice to do a little preventative maintenance.

It's not like it takes 400 bucks a year every year for this type of paint job. It's more like every 3 or 4 years.

Paying a couple hundred bucks for a gallon of bottom paint makes me wonder what it is that makes it so expensive. It's just paint. Stinks like hell. A respirator is required when the paint is applied. It's that stinky. It's also that toxic. Maybe that's why bottom paint is so expensive: Toxicity doesn't come cheap.

Ya think?

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Joker_SATX said...

Ouch Bob! That is expensive paint. But like you said, spending the $200 now saves you $1000 and a lot of work later.

Bob said...

That would be $400 bucks, Fox. It takes two gallons but still a good thing to take care of every now and again.

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