Sunday, August 02, 2009

Take no prisoners?

Driving out to wash the sailboat boat Friday we were forced to stop for road construction on Highway 299. The wait was long but necessary. Lines were being painted and who wants to drive over wet paint?

While I waited I noticed the gal on the bike in front of me. Sleeping bag. And long blond hair hanging on the back of her bike. I was tempted to get out of the truck, run up and snip a lock of that blond hair. It was all about DNA. Who knows, maybe these bikers were scalp mongers who take no prisoners . . . and the locks belong to some one's long lost loved one.

Or maybe it was just a wig that this chick threw on to hide the snarls from camping out.

Or better yet, maybe the hair belonged to her grandmother who always wanted to bike across country.....and the granddaughter was fulfilling that dream albeit in a different kind of way.

Or was the wig on the back of the bike all due to the chemo therapy the rider was undergoing...???

Sitting and watching the locks of blond for what seemed to be an eternity brought all kind of thoughts to mind. I love my crazed thoughts. They make for great idle entertainment. Crazed thoughts probably have to do with how I spent my days in the 60's.

Speaking of those on chemo therapy, have you noticed that cancer's on the rise and that there's a lot of people on chemo? Yeah, I've noticed and I bet you have, too. In checking out a couple of websites I found lots of men and women with bald pubic areas. Yup, plumb completely bald. Their pubes? They done did fall off. I felt so bad for them having lost their privately owned hair to chemo. Poor people. Sad. And they were brave enough to have their pictures taken. I bet they just want to lead normal lives and have hair again.

I wonder if there's an organization where anyone can donate public hair to make pubic wigs from that would help chemo people lead normal lives? If there isn't one maybe I could open that business using stimulant funding to stimulate business for those people needing public stimulation. Let's see now, what would we call it?

Pubes for Dudes? Beavers R Us? Bush Whackers? Short Curly's For You?

I have too much time on my hands...

Ya think?

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Joker_SATX said...

Hey, open one up in Latin America and call it, "Casa de Pendejos"


evalinn said...

Bob, why am I not surprised? ;-)

Bob said...

Joker: hahaha. Only you, pal, only you.

Evalinn: I didn't think you would be. You definitely know all about Bob....

Anonymous said...

Some people choose to lose the pubes. Different strokes for different...................

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