Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dream

The night before the commencement of each school year thousands of teachers experience "the dream". It's a dream that's not shared by those in any other profession.

Today is the first day of school for a lot of California children, teachers and para-professionals. There was a lot of dreaming last night. It was all about "the dream".

There are two common threads in "the dream":

You've overslept, still in bed and the phone rings. It's the principal. Your classroom is filled with kids and you're not there. There are several variations on this dream.

Or, you've forgotten to put on clothes and appear before your class in various stages of nakedness.

Or, you're working with a tough group of kids and you're not liking it.

I'm sure there are other dreams about the first day of school that teachers have. What's written here are common ones that have been shared over the years.

I taught for only a short period of time before working in administration. Even though I changed roles the dream still visited me the night before the first day of school. And interestingly, I had "the dream" again last night even though it's been a year since the last assignment. Wasn't naked in front of kids. Didn't oversleep. But "the dream" was about my working with a tough group of kids. It wasn't fun.

I'm looking forward to dreaming about something different tonight....anything but school and kids. Please!

Wifey and I are readying to go sailing first thing this morning. I can't think of anything more fitting on the first day of school than being on a boat with its sails full of wind, heeled way over, blasting down the lake with the rails touching the water. And there will be Bob: sandwich or beer or maybe Wifey in one hand, wheel in the other.

Playing hooky today is going to be very enjoyable.


Joker_SATX said...

I'm Jealous!

However, I am also happy that you get to do these things Bob. In time, so will I.

La Roo said...

You just remind me so much of someone dear to my heart. Awwww....I miss him. He did what you did. He taught for many years and then became a principal. I think stuff like what you talked about just gets ingrained into your head. School life is such a schedule of milestones, be it academic, recess, lunch, or vacations.
Sorry to about your computer problems.
I'm so glad you can be free today to do what you want.

DNA said...

I'm glad someone got to play hooky today. Our first day of school is next Monday. This week it's just a bunch of training and such. I still have the dream that some important paper is due. I attribute this dream to my excellent university education. Like my student loan, it will always be with me. ;)

Bob said...

Joker: Yes, you will. But remember, stay healthy so you're able to enjoy the next phase of your life.

Laroo: Thank you....I love your comment here. Sounds like your friend is no longer with us. Am I right? Being away from the regime of work has been wonderful as I am sure that it was for your friend.

DNA: Hi ho. Hi ho. It's off to the kiddies you go! :)

La Roo said...

ummm, my brother-in-law. He passed away a little over 2 years ago. He was a friend, a father figure to me and most of all..a friend. I miss him so much, with you mentioning the same things he would, it just hit a chord with me. He had a great sense of humor like you also.

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