Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ever just get tired of "it"?

Whatever "it" is I'm tired of it. I'd rather be a frog much like the one I captured on the back deck the other evening. "It" for this frog may be next meal but "it" is really about the fear of being eaten by a bird that happens to wander into its habitat.

When you come right down to it, there's a lot of "its" in our life that interferes with happiness. Because of that I'm so tired of having to put up with "it". Tired.

Like this computer for example. I'm tired of "it" fucking up. The most recent incident of many came Thursday. Nothing worked. Nothing.

Friday the tech came out. Three hours later "it" thing was up and running. Only thing several programs are missing like the program I use to download photos from the digital camera. Until I remedy that there will be no new photos to share.

Then there's all of the photos on the hard drive are in duplicate files which means precious memory is being used. Now I have to delete the duplicates . . . and there's a lot of them. That means a lot of time spent removing them when I could be out doing something else. "It" is supposed to make life easier. It is not.

Windows was reinstalled on the computer meaning that some things were lost . . . like all of the bookmarks for websites are gone which now have to be found and bookmarked again.

I'm tired of IT! And I don't want to hear that I should buy a Mac. Never happen. Been there. Owned a Mac and it was far worse than the PC I own.

And another "it" . . . stupid people. Like the ones who left their dogs in their car while they toured the local nature park. 100 degrees. Windows rolled up. Dogs yelping. You bet your sweet ass we reported these stupid people and the dogs were "rescued" moments later. In Cowtown dogs in parked cars, windows up in 100 degree heat is not unusual. It's also not unusual for people like us to see that the dogs are taken care of. Stupid people. These are the same people who run red lights and don't pay taxes like the rest of us. I hate them.

"It" is all this talk in Washington about health care for the people who don't have health care. "It" is sounding like a free ride for these people. How about the rest of us who pay dearly for health care. Take for example Bob and Wifey who fork out 1,300 bucks a month for health care. For that amount a new Italian luxury car could be parked in the driveway. Or, a villa in Italy would have our name on it. How much is enough? . . . I ask myself, when it comes to the price of health care. How much? I'm tired of "it". Real tired.

Chances are good we'll be taxed so that the people without health care can have health care. If I'm going to be taxed then I want what I pay into health care considered as being a deduction. Without a deduction paying for my health care and then being taxed for someone elses is salt int the wound . . . insult to injury....another "it" that should never see the light of day.

So what about us, Obama and clan? The ones who pay up the waazoo for health care.... This "it" of ours needs fixing. Don't forget us.

I have come to understand the phrase, "Fuck it!" because I have also come to know that "it" is the root of all of our problems. If we could just get rid of the "it" in life all of us would be much happier.

So, fuck it!

Ya think?

I'm going out, forgetting "it" and plan to focus on being ridiculously happy.

See, I'm smiling.

Kind of . . .in a ridiculously sort of way.

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Joker_SATX said...

I am right there with you Bob! Right there with you.....

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