Monday, August 10, 2009

Look Ma! No Hands!

Sunday morning and early afternoon were spent on the lake. I've got the red face to prove it. Just call me Fire Face. Now if I can only get those chicken legs of mine to brown up everything on Bob's bod will match.

Winds exceeding 30 miles and hour dictated that we furl the jib and sail only with the main. That adjustment made for more comfortable sailing.

Daughter Dawn went sailing, too. Just like back in the day with our other sailboats, Dawn worked the main.

Later in the day when the wind calmed we pulled out the jib and Dawn worked that, too.

Wifey busied herself with taking pictures, caring for Grace and supplying those on deck with water.

Gracie was here usual self scrambling all over the boat, pouring more water over the side than she was drinking.

Then there's her monkey side as shown here with Grace upside down hanging on the forward hatch.. A six year old has got to do what a six year old does. Our girl has that down pat.

When we finished sailing and had tied the boat up, the ladies departed per my request (it was nearing 105 on the dock - - only one person needed to sweat out what needed to be done not all four of us) leaving me to finish securing Sparkle Plenty for the night.

Down the dock I met a man who had spent the previous night on his sailboat and was planning to do that again Sunday night. Nice guy (name of Bob - - - I never met a Bob I didn't like) but not one to take care of his boat. It was a mess. The tiller was broken as was its attachment to the boat. Missing was the hardware attaching the mainsail to the traveler. The cabin hatch was missing and rainwater was allowed to fill the interior of the boat all winter. The marina staff had to bail it out several times to keep it from sinking. Bird poop covered the deck.

Bob co-owns with his family a deli/beer bar down the highway. I've eaten there many times but never met Bob as he was always in the back putting orders together.

As we talked Bob confided that his wife left him earlier in the month for parts unknown. Spending time on the boat was his way to contemplate "what's next" in his life.

After I buttoned up our boat I drove home and returned to the dock with a marine parts catalog so Bob could order parts for his boat. As I walked back down the dock to the truck Bob yelled, "I'll buy you lunch!" as thanks for the catalog. I yelled back, "Better yet, fix your boat and let's go sailing."

And I added, "You really need to rename your boat from 'On the Edge' to African Queen. She's looking like that kind of craft, Bob."

Bob mumbled back as I approached the gate on shore. . . "Hmm African Queen. . . African Queen?"

I think I've made a friend.

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La Roo said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your boat. It makes for great family time also.

Max said...

Wow, so you met the owner of that boat--and he slept on it!? Amazing.

Bob said...

Thanks, Laroo. And when the family is not there the boat makes for a great chick magnet. :)

Max: Yes, he slept on it. In fact, I don't think he has anywhere else to stay OR, he's looking for pity from the old lady. Just looking at the wreck gives me the creeps.

evalinn said...

What a great story, it´s so nice to make new friends.

Bob said...

Evalinn - I thought the same thing - - - it is great to make new friends.

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