Tuesday, August 04, 2009


When you shake a pinball machine too much it stops working and lights flash TILT! That would pretty much describe yesterday's late afternoon sailing. It was a tilted sort of day with winds gusting to 30 miles and hour.

Sparkle Plenty was pretty much on her side most of the afternoon. There was no standing up straight. In skippering the boat there was one foot on the deck and the other on the port or starboard railing.

Gracie snapped this photo of Wifey and Max. This was in between Gracie's sitting on one one of the catbird seats and going below to pout because she had to wear a life jacket. The life jacket just wasn't the fashion statement our girl wanted to make yesterday. With high winds and the possibility of her going overboard likely there's no way that jacket was coming off. So sayeth the skipper.

Max hauled the sheets in and out just as he's always done on the boats we've owned. Max began sailing at age five and he's never stopped loving it. Hauling in the sheets is a job he does well.

Most of the afternoon I sport that shit eating grin. Lots of wind, a well trimmed craft cutting through the water . . . that's what puts a smile on this sailor's face.

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Joker_SATX said...

That looks like a great time! Good for you Bob!

La Roo said...

How fun!!!
I so want do that some time in my life.
You make it look so fun.

Robert said...

Fox: The best fun you can have without having sex.

Laroo: You and hubby are always welcome to come sail with us. COME SAIL WITH US! I mean that.

Robert said...

Gee, I guess I'm Robert now per my comments......

La Roo said...

That would be fun to come sailing with you guys. What a nice invite.

The whole Robert thing seems a little formal to me. Actually a time or two the blogger was using my real name.

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