Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm good

On the first day of school I could not resist leaving a voicemail message for a teacher friend:

"Hi Joanie, this is Bob. I don't quite know how to put this so I'll just come out and say it. Wifey and I are getting ready for a day's worth of sailing on the lake. Yes, it's the first day of school. You're working and we're not! So think of us eating the lunch we've made especially for sailing today . . . roast beef sandwiches on sourdough rolls, potato salad, crackers spread with pate`, chocolate cake and of course beer, Sangria and Margaritas. Poor you. Slaving with all of those little kids and there we'll be . . . relaxing. Laughing. And not thinking anything related to working. Enjoy the first day. And just think, this could be you one day soon. Bye!"

Don't ya just love rubbing it in?

And it was a good day sailing. Moderate winds coming from just the right direction made for straight sailing to the end of the lake. Coming back the wind crapped out. I dropped the sails and we motored back to the marina just in time for the temp to hit 100. In the heat we sweated like little pigs mooring the boat and closing it up for another day's sailing.

During the process I slipped on a wet surface and fell butt down on the deck. Wifey asked if I was okay to which I replied with a smile, "I'm good." After a great day of sailing why wouldn't I be good and smiling? It would have been hard to spoil Bob's mood.

Last Saturday we visited the local nature park. For a few months of every year there's a butterfly exhibit which is due to close soon. Couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

Busy day. Taking the girls to the groomer at 7 this morning. Grocery shopping after that. Then I'll pick up the trailer at the RV repair shop and bring it home, wash it, cover it and back it into the side RV parking area. By then the girls will be ready to come home so I'll drive back to the groomers to pick them up. After dinner we'll drive out to the marina, wash and wax the boat and watch the moon rise.

Whatta day I'm in for.

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Joker_SATX said...

That is a good post! Good for you Bob! I just hope I don't hear on the news about someone who got drawn and quartered in cowtown by a bunch of school teachers.

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