Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ain't no thang

I'm taking the posture that when something goes wrong it's either "Ain't no thang!", or "So what?"

I've ranted and raved here about all of the wheels there are to grease. Along with those wheels are repairs, upkeep, insurance, and other expenses either to the wallet or to the worry system.


Zoey, shown here after her weekly bath, is 12 years old or 84 dog years old. She's not well. Without going into details a trip to the Vet this morning ran 250 bucks. X-rays. Zoey has arthritis and two disks in her back that protrude from her spine. Three medications. An old injury most definitely incurred before we rescued her from a puppy mill. I'll continue to pour money into keeping Zoey healthy. She's one of the family. You do things like that for loved ones.

Okay, most but all loved ones. "Bob? Once you were loved. We're going to have to put you down now. It's just too expensive to keep you alive."

Truck has issues: $890. I screwed up and caused this expense.

Fifth wheel trailer repair to air conditioning and holding tanks: $190.

Busted or no functional lawn sprinklers currently under repair: A hundred bucks.

Today I'm told that one of our renters busted the back gate for the second time in 6 months (claims it was lawnmower man AGAIN!): Another hundred bucks.

Computer went south last week: $200 for yet another repair.

Wifey is pregnant. It's twins. Priceless. She'll be in the Guiness Book of Records.

Happy endings at the massage parlor were raised from $50 to $300 a session (on both counts - don't believe everything you read here).

Do I care? Hell no!

Ain't no thang.

So what?

Pour it on. None of this crap is going to get under my skin any more. Life is short. Bring on more wheels for Bob to grease.

Bob's new tune: Don't Worry. Be Happy.

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