Friday, September 26, 2008


Okay, here's more about Bob than you should know. Even though I don't play tennis here's always a tennis racket in the truck.

Give me a stoplight, a tune like this one, and I'll tune that baby up full blast, windows down then jump out of the truck armed with the old "Strato-Fender" tennis racket air guitar, wail on it for about 10-15 seconds and jump back into the truck when the light turns green. Whooo Hoo!

I've gotten loud rounds of applause. And smiles. And looks that say, "What's that dude been smoking."

And my looks back to those people say, "This old fart has always been smoking hot!"


Jessi said...

I sincerely hope I get to see that one day. I play a mean air drum...I'll get out and jam with you!!

Bob said...

Next time I'm in the Bay Area let's go for it, Jes. I know all the best stoplight Air Guitar destination in the City. Like the back of my hand.

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