Sunday, September 28, 2008


This guy with a gut sat next to us at the little circus during our visit to the fair.

Grace often notices people, how they dress, what they say and especially their manners. She was so involved with Mr. Zippy and friends that she didn't ever glance at this man seated next to her.

It's hard for me to not notice people like this, especially when they're around our grandchild. Through most of the circus act he had his fingers in his mouth and it looked like he was either picking food out of his teeth or massaging a sore gum. Like watching Zippy and his antics, it was interesting to watch this black shirted fellow with a gut.

I guess there are more than a few people who don't think about what they wear or how they conduct themselves in public. Picking your teeth is one thing but if you were male and had a big tummy would you wear a tank top that exposed your midriff?

At the fair there was the heavily tattooed (and I mean big time tattoos) guy in his 30's walking with who seemed like his mom and other members of a family who in passing by where I was standing farted. Yes, farted on purpose. His mom immediately scolded him and this dope laughed back at her. My look in his direction was my very best mean teacher look which sent the message how dare you do that and don't you ever do it again.

Sometimes it seems that Americans are becoming a nation of pigs.

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Max Watson said...

He's the epitome of "I don't give a fuck".

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