Saturday, September 13, 2008


Grace had a crying, crap fit Wednesday. Her lower front tooth was loose, she had been eating something and consequently chomped down on it. She was freaked out that being the first loose baby tooth she had ever had.
Come Thursday morning at around 6:45 we get a phone call from Grace:
Grace: It's out! My tooth came out last night at church. The tooth fairy came and left me two silver dollars.
Me: Now you've got a hole in your smile!
More was said during the course of this conversation but it was all about a gleeful telephone call from a five year old who had just experienced a rite of passage.
I remember saving most of my baby teeth in a glass pharmaceutical bottle. What a collection that was. With pride I'd haul the bottle out of a dresser drawer to proudly display for each and every visitor. The ohh's and aww's at an early age turned to, "How gross!" when I got into my teens. Once impressed friends now looked at Bob with the expression, "WTF is this guy all about?"
I still get those expressions and have learned to live them with them. No big deal. Actually, I have come to enjoy the WTF expressions when ever I pull Bob stuff for which I have become known for. Being weird is habit forming.
Somehow the bottle of teeth got tossed during my 20's. In a California land fill there lies my bottle of teeth just waiting to be discovered by an anthropologist. Who ever digs them up will probably think the teeth were part of an ancient rite that was practiced in the 20th century.
Just think. My bottle of baby teeth could end up in a museum! Wow. I'd better get Gracie to start bottling her teeth so that she can be famous one day, too!
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Anonymous said...

Awww :) How precious.

What? Save the teeth?

Flyinfox_SATX said...

You know...watching my kids fret over the loss of teeth was something to see. Get ready Bob. That smile is going to change forever!

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