Monday, September 22, 2008


There's a heavy duty crop of lizards around the house this year. When we moved to Cow Town the realtor told us that when there's a lot of lizards it meant something that is related to rattlesnakes.

I'm not sure if he said that if there's a lot of lizards there's a lot of rattlesnakes or was it the other way around . . . lots of lizards mean no snakes?

Whatever the case, we got 'em. They're large. They're tiny. They're everything in between.
We also have grubs in the lawn. Grubs in the lawn mean frequent visits from skunks or raccoons or possums. To these critters grubs are like Sunday fried chicken dinner . . . something special and something that has to be gobbled up.

Now there's one more thing to go to war with . . . whatever it is tearing the crap our of the back lawn must be stopped.

I'd sit up all night with the rifle and nail those suckers. Then there would be a visit from those men in blue who won't tolerate small arms fire within the city limits. I could use the pellet gun but you know what, discharging a BB or pellet gun within the city limits of Cow Town is also against the law. My gawd, what have we come to? Now if this was the old wild west . . .

So another solution must be had - - - one that won't land Old Bob in the hoosegow. Time to hit the feed store, buy some of their Weapons of Mass Destruction and lock and load.

Damn, I love backyard war!

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Anonymous said...

Bobby: My grandparents lived in Clear Oaks, spent alot of time with them. LIZARDS all over the place...and you got it: RATTLESNAKES! Talk to your vet about anti-venom. Friend up here lost 5 Jack Russel pups to rattlesnake bites. Watch Gracie and your dogs. oxoxmepeckerwoodusa @ 11:28a.m. 9-22-08

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I put up a bat house....Insects are no more.

evalinn said...

Sorry Bob, I´m at - sorry about the confusion! :-)

DNA said...

Here in Texas the armadillos love the grubs. I have put down pine mulch bark all over the flower and shrub beds(they hate the smell of it. I read to do this somewhere on the internet.)and I haven't had a problem. So far so good, knock on wood. You can find the mulch at any nursery or Lowe's, etc. Good luck.

Bob said...

Joanie: Oh, this is great. It's the other way around? Crap. We'll we watching. Thanks for the warning.

Fox: To the Bat House, Robin. We'll scheme to rid this world of Ex Spouse Holes! Wooo ah!

Evalinn: Thanks. I'll do that.

DNA: Ship me a six pak of them there Am My Dill Hoes, okay? Are they good on the barbeque?

twilite said...

Hi Bob! The picture of the lizard looks interesting. I hope it's not rattlesnakes...but lizards I hope. Sorry to read this though. Personally I hate all crawlies!

Bob said...

Hi Lea: I'm with you, girl.

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