Monday, September 01, 2008


Driving up Shasta Bally took close to an hour to make the 6.6 mile drive to the top. Four wheel drive speeds topped 8 MPH at times but mostly it was more like 5 MPH. Ruts and large rocks in the road made it necessary to drive slowly as at speeds higher than that it was definitely shake, rattle and roll inside the truck.

Dawn and Keith brought their small Pom Flirt. Zeenie sat in the front between me and Wifey.

Halfway up Flirt got the barfers so we stopped. Here's Wifey trekking up the hill with the dog. It's pit stop time. Here the road is halfway decent but nonetheless one lane. Once in a while there were Yahoooo's that met us going in the opposite direction driving full bore like the road was all theirs.
At the top Wifey wanted to proclaim the mountain to be hers. And she did.
The kids took advantage of photo ops on ledges overlooking a canyon.
Coming down the mountain we stopped to take pictures of Whiskeytown Lake. It was Sunday on a Labor Day weekend. Surprisingly there were few boats on the water.

Flirt barfed a couple more times on the way down. Poor thing. She was not cut out for four wheel adventures.

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Jessi said...

I love that last photo! Gorgeous!!

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