Friday, September 26, 2008


We picked Gracie up at her bus stop yesterday and headed for the county fair that had opened just that day in a neighboring county 30 miles south of Cow Town.

On the drive to the fairgrounds Wifey helped Grace do her homework in the backseat. Knowing that we would be late in getting our girl home it was a good idea to get this out of the way sooner rather than later.

Surprisingly, first grade kids have a pile of homework every night. Because we have Grace every day after school it's our job to get her homework completed . . . a task that we take on most willingly and with great patience.

We arrived at the fair and immediately bought two unlimited ride wristbands for Wifey and Grace. They do the riding, I take the pictures.

Here's a painting on the front of the Fun House. Classic.

The "girls" rode every Tom, Dick and Harry ride until Wifey came close to getting the barfers on one of them. She said it was the polish dog she had shared earlier with Grace.

Grace and I taunted the wife into "sucking it up" and to walk or shake it off.

Grace: Come on Grammy, cow girl up, you can do it!

We've taught this girl well. She's tough.

That was good for another ride or two until Wifey's stomach sent a second message to cool it or else.
There was a small circus at the fair which had only clowns in it. Here's the head cheese, Zippy. It's nice to know that everyone in America can be employed if they put their mind to it.

Can you imagine Zippy completing a credit application and wondering if he should be completely honest in filling in the space that asks for his "occupation"?

Hi, my name is Zippy and I'm a clown!

Driver's training is important for our up and coming citizens. Wifey modeled for Gracie how to follow the rules of the road by bumping into every kid on the track, going in the wrong direction (every car went counter clockwise while Wifey took the clockwise route . . . great strategy for invoking head on collisions.

After doing and seeing all there was to offer at the fair our day ended with dinner at a nice restaurant close to the fair grounds. Grace and I had spaghetti (our favorite food), Wifey had prime rib.

Grace was dropped off at around 8:30 last night, happy, filled with spaghetti, cotton candy and memories of yet another outing with her grandparents.

It doesn't get any better than that.


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Clowns scare the shit out of me!

Bob said...

Fox: I'm thinking Zippy could be one mean M -f'er if pushed in the wrong direction, don't you think? He looks like The Evil Clown.

La Roo said...

Hi I just stumbled across you blog and I really think it's pretty great. I will be back.
Yeh, clowns and fair rides.... they scare me too. :)

Bob said...

La Roo: Thanks! Looks like I need to bring out Mr. Clownhead for yet another blog post. He's both funny and very freaky.

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