Saturday, January 05, 2008


America, let's not screw this presidential thing up again. Let's vote for the person who will serve all of us and not just a small group of special interest groups - - you know, like the guy who now sits in the Oval Office. Oil. Haliburton. You know what I'm talking about.

Why not to vote for Hillary:

Bill. I can't believe America puts up with a clown that was impeached. And this guy has the nerve to hold his head high. On top of that, this lady is still married to him. What does that say about Hillary and her ethics?

Word on the street is that if elected Hillary will appoint Bill to the Supreme Court. God help us if that happens.

A Two Family Political Dynasty: Do the math.
George Bush Senior - 8 years in office.
George Bush Junior - 8 years in office.
Slick Willie Clinton - 8 years in office.

This totals 24 years of two families in the White House and their political machines controlling America. Add Hillary's 8 years if she's elected and you've got 32 years of on way thinking. Is this the American way?

If people of color are the majority in American then it's time someone of color is elected. It's not like the pasty white men we've elected made a huge difference not only in our country but around the world. We need a world leader who's respected and who makes a difference. Will the world respect/trust another white guy when most of the world's population is "brown"?

I overheard a guy yesterday - old fart thinking, big gut, short and bearded, military slogan t-shirt, dog tags around his neck (what's that all about? - I tossed my dog tags years ago. ), car parked outside with "Marines" on the front license plate - who said, "This Obama guy is more white than black." What an idiot. I'd love to hear him argue that one with someone light of color. Do you honestly think Mr. Marine that someone like Obama, who in your opinion is "more white than black" has never experienced racial prejudice?

Barack Obama, he got my vote. Yes, inexperienced but so what? A president is only as good as the people around him or her. He's got great people to support his platform. George Bush has Cheney. Dick Cheney - asset or liability? You make the call.

Good old boy thinking: Anyone with a great deal of experience has a network of people who they owe favors. Do you think Barack is a good old boy and someone who owes lots of favors? Somehow Obama smacks of integrity at the highest of levels.

Cup of Joe Katie says Barack is cute. Katie has good taste.

Intelligence: Can you honestly say that the current president has a high IQ and is able to critically think at the higher levels of intelligence? There's no doubt that Barack has a high level of intelligence.

B.S.: Which presidential candidate has never bullshitted us? "I did not have sex with that woman." 'We have just determined that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

Along the lines of honesty, Barack admits to smoking weed. He said he's been there, inhaled that a couple of times and unlike some people didn't make a life out of smoking weed. Honesty! How refreshing. Bill said, "I didn't inhale." Yeah, just like you didn't have sex with "that woman." What a bullshit artist.

America's at a turning point. Who's next in the Oval Office is critical in righting a nation . . . a world in deep crises.

Hello Jesus? If there ever was a time to make a comeback, now is the time!

Do your research on each candidate. Switch parties to vote in the primary for the candidate of your choice (I'm crossing party lines myself).

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Anonymous said...

hehehe. yes, he fine, bob. he may get my vote based upon his sheer sexiness alone. man, i'm shallow. :)

well written, bob!! and i completely agree with you about hilary. and i think she may bat for the other team if ya know what i mean. :)

Hope you are having a great weekend, Bob! Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes, darlin'!

Bob said...

Katie: Damn,we missed a beat in New Hampshire. I'm hopeful that's Barack's last defeat.

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