Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's snowing again in the Valley. I've been stuck here all weekend alone and I'm tired of that and I'm tired of snow.

Oh, to be somewhere warm, lying on the beach. Did I mention it would be nice if the beach were clothing optional.

I've been there, seen that. There are all kinds of breasts on the beach. There's beauty and the breast. Perky. Funky. Surgically enhanced. Hangers. All kinds. Ever try to talk to a topless lady and keep your eyes looking at her eyes? Damn near impossible.

Breasts on the beach? I like them all . . . even the ones that look like raisins on a string. Real men like all kinds of women and what they bring "to the table".

But beauty on the inside is what really matters.
Damn. Let it be me on the other side of the camera.
This is what it looks like outside the "Valley" house today.

The wife says it's raining in Cow Town. So, snow or rain. After a fashion, it's all the same. It's winter and that's what winter brings. Snow. Rain.
Last night I made "Bob's Chili". It's deeee lish!

Making chili when it's snowing is a good thing. If I can't have boobies on the beach Bob's Chili will have to do.

Knockers up!

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! I see your world is upside down these days! Cheerio!

Help! I can't upload my pics! Exasperating!

Bob said...

Lea, I'd say that too about me. Life is upside down . . . It all started on January 11th.

Sexy Duet said...

It is a beautiful warm 33 degrees here and topless bathing is allowed on the beaches here, maybe you should come visit ;)


Blessed said...

Raisins on a string.
What about watermelons breaking string?
I see that too often!

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