Monday, January 21, 2008


January 8th through this minute: There hasn't been a day that I haven't cried my eyes out. I've been a real mess.

"Get a grip, Bob", the little voice inside me says. "Life is for the living." Right.

But does it have to be so miserable?

My heartfelt thanks and I mean that, to all of my blog friends who reached out to me in comfort.

One said that on the passing of her best friend, her dog, that she felt as bad if not worse when her husband died. I can understand that. With the passing of a spouse you can always trade up. There's no trading up when the your dog, the love of your life dies.

The wife and the granddaughter bring great joy into my life. Little Zoe, the surviving Pom brings joy too albeit peanut brained behavior. She's a sweetie but has not the intelligence my girl Jill had.

For days Zoe has wandered around the house . . . .lost . . . looking for the Alpha Dog, the leader of the pack, our Jill. That speaks for all of us. We wander sometimes aimlessly, each looking for our girl . . . our girl who is forever gone but who will be forever in our hearts.

There's more but why bore you.

For over a week I couldn't think about this blog. For a week I didn't read anything blogged - here, there, elsewhere. Anyway, I think I'm back and ready for life with the living.

Big Valley winter style. Early mornings last week it was anywhere between 2 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit with a high of 35.

Colder than a Tiches Wit.
Trees were coated in snow and ice. It was a winter wonderland.

Peace and comfort to each of you.

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Anonymous said...

I still talk and miss my Buddy. We lost him over a year ago. It's a feeling that eases, but never goes away.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Great you're back. The lostness and vacuum remains...missing loved one.

Great pics of wife and granddaughter. It must be really cold outside looking at those great pics. Cheerio.

Rachel said...

Oh Bob I'm glad you've returned. I have been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.

Wishing you good days my friend!

Max said...

Glad to see the Captain America mask return!

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