Monday, January 28, 2008


Wife: You change the sheets on the bed in the Valley?

Me: Nope. Why?

Wife: Well, it's about time to change them.

Me: No problem. I'll just sleep on the clean side of the bed - your side - until you have a chance to come up and change the sheets.

There's always a male solution to a female problem.

It snowed like hell last night in the Valley. Like nearly a foot. Wind. Snow. We had it all.

Here's the truck covered in snow. I had already swept most of the snow off of it. Thank goodness for four wheel drive. The 15 mile drive to work meant driving on roads covered in snow and ice. Slippery!

The side of the Valley house looked like this at 5 this morning. It was like snowing sideways last night.

Crap-a-roni and cheese!
Speaking of crap-a-roni and cheese, here's Bob's Chili.

Best bet on a cold, snowy night? Bob's Chili.

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Sexy Duet said...

I cant sleep on the opposite side of the bed, even when I have the bed to myself I stay on my side but I do like your thinking :)


Flyinfox_SATX said...


The Chilli looks awesome. Yeah I can see that on a cold day.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm, bob...send some of that chili down to georgia, why don'tcha! that looks real good!

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Is this snow fall an annual event? While I like snow but I dislike snow shoveling though...shivers...

Blessed said...

You have gotten more snow than where I live!
I want one good snow!
You know a$$hole deep to a ten foot indian!
Ha Ha!
Caw! Caw!

Anonymous said...

I try and do everything in my power to discourage my husband from eating chili.


Mm mm.

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