Sunday, January 06, 2008


I'm back in the Valley. A hundred miles from home.

This is my welcome. Snow, snow and more snow.

In fact, it's starting to snow now and most likely will continue through the night.

From rain to snow is a nice change of scenery.

Taken from the back of the "Valley Home". It's a beauty.

I'm thinking it's time to make snow angels.

Oh Jane? Tarzan is ready to romp in the snow! Now where did I put that damn salami!

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Anonymous said...

ha! you and your salami, bob!

Great pics!

EC said...

That's really beautiful!! But damn, that's a lot of snow... I sure am glad that I'm in North Carolina ;)

Anonymous said...

I rarely see snow or rain. Either would be nice. Just buckets of freaking sunshine. After awhile your eyes start to become permanently squinty like.

Bob said...

Katie: Yeah, me and my salami. My best friend. .. . :)

EC: I wish I were there, too! Anything but snow, please!

Blither: The snow makes your eyes squint, too! Lots of sun and lots of snow can make you go blind. So can a couple of other things or so I was told as a teenager. LOL.

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